When Should an AC Replacement Be Considered?

Consumers are often confused after reading articles discussing the pros and cons of replacing an AC system. Some articles appear to suggest that virtually every system more than a couple of years old be replaced, but that is too broad a generalization. There are several things to look at when considering whether or not to update an existing AC system.

How Old Is the System?

Age is an important consideration. Since all mechanical devices will need to be replaced at some point, the age of a system should be a factor discussed. However, there are circumstances that influence the overall equation. First, the overall quality of system plays a role in determining how long it will continue to function. As a rule, AC systems will last from 15 to 25 years, but some entry-level systems will struggle to reach that age. Units that are not routinely maintained may also fail to last as long as they were designed to. The net result is that age is important, but definitely not the only item to consider.


Past Performance Should Be Considered

If an AC system has been performing adequately, with minimal repairs, it may be a good idea to consider an AC Repair rather than replacement. Conversely, if a system requires significant repairs on a regular basis, considering an AC Replacement is in order. Here, a qualified technician should be able to provide advice on whether or not replacing a unit is the best option.

How Much Should Operating Costs Be Considered?

Older AC systems tend to be far less efficient than modern systems. That means operating costs are definitely a factor to consider when exploring repair or replacement options. That’s especially true if utility providers have been routinely increasing rates and future rate increases are anticipated. The reduced operating costs of new units can often quickly return the initial cost of a new unit.

There are also other considerations to discuss when thinking about updating an existing AC system. If the home or business owner has changed the size or configuration of the building being cooled, the system should be evaluated by a professional to determine if the existing unit is providing optimal service. Any time changes in use are expected, it’s wise to discuss those changes with a professional. To get additional advice or to schedule an evaluation of an existing or proposed AC system, contact the experts today.

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